Economic importance of genus Aspergillus.

Aspergillus has both harmful ans useful activities from the view of the human.

Harmful activities

Many species of Aspergillus such as A. glqaus A.flavus A. repns are responsible
of spoilage of exposed food stuff like jams, jellies, bread, tobacco and
many other product like leather & textiles. Many of the species are pathogenic to animals as well as human beigns. A. flavus,

A. fumigates and A.niger causes diseases of respiratory tracks commonly refered to as
aspergilloses. Aspergilloses is reported in birds, cattle, sheep, horses and human begins.

Symptoms of Aspergillosis resembles those of tuberculosis. Diesease of the human ear called otomycosis is caused by A.niger, A.flavus and A.fumigatus.

A.flavus produces a toxic substance called afflotoxin which has some carcinogenic effects and may cause cancer of liver in human begin and animals.

Conidia of Aspergillus are abundant in air. They usually spoil the laboratory culture. Many plant diseases-crown rot of ground nut and ball rot of cotton are caused by
species of Aspergillus.

Aspergillus nidulaus

A. niger

Useful effects

Several species are employed in cheese manufacturing.

A.oryzae is used in the preparation of wine from rice and soya bean sauces. Some specises of aspergillus are the source of certain antibiotics like Flavicein,Aspergillin, Geodin, Funagalin, Patulin, Ustin etc.

A. niger is used in bio-assay of metals as it can detect copper even in traces.

A.gowssipii is used in the production of vitamin B. Some species are used in the production of fats. Several species are used in the industrial production of organic acids like citric acid and gluconic acid.


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